Headless eCommerce and do you need it now?

Headless eCommerce and other headless systems are growing technology. I have explained in one of my posts about headless CMS. Going headless is not limited to the CMS landscape, it has already invaded the eCommerce world. In this post, I will discuss what headless commerce means and some of the headless commerce solutions.

Why do I need a headless ( eCommerce) system?

So, why do we need this anyway? Monolithic systems have been serving our purpose for a long time, and it does not seem like there is any need for a new approach. Isn’t it?

However, with the expansion of IoT devices, traditional monolithic systems are incapable of presenting the content to users. Monolithic systems are mainly designed to run on web-based systems on a desktop and are not capable of adapting to many other devices connected to the internet. Headless systems are born to resolve this issue.  

Therefore, as an online store owner, if you want your customers to purchase your product at a KIOSK at the airport, or through any other device connected to the internet, it is time for a transition. Headless eCommerce is capable of expanding your business to more potential customers.

headless-ecommerce system
Headless system

What makes a headless eCommerce system?

Headless commerce systems are a subset of headless systems. These systems are more complex than headless CMS. Headless eCommerce systems integrate many other subsystems:

  • Inventory control system
  • Customer relationship management systems(CRM)
  • Payment processing
  • Content management system
  • Security systems

Headless eCommerce platforms

Here are some of the headless eCommerce platforms

Headless CMS that supports eCommerce integration

Last thoughts

Most eCommerce businesses today are based on traditional monolithic systems that coupled backend and front-end together. while this approach has its strengths and weakness, it is definitely not the ideal solution for the expansion of growing IoT devices. Headless eCommerce systems have an edge over traditional systems by helping online merchants reach many customers anywhere in the world.

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